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What Is Going To Happen To Our Family

My parents are getting a divorce and I feel like my life is over. They have never fought in front of my sister and I and even though my dad travels a lot for work we never for one minute thought that they were having problems. My mom will not discuss the details about what happened and I hear her crying herself to sleep at night. My dad has moved out and all he says to us is that everything is going to be fine. WTF  why are they not thinking about how this is effecting us. What is going to happen to our family?

This must be very difficult for you and your sister to understand. It sounds like your parents are attempting to untangle something in their marriage that you and your sister have not been privy to. The most important thing for you both to know is that adult relationships can be complicated at times and your parents are likely attempting to sort these complications out for themselves first and then for the rest of your family. Divorce is a difficult idea for children to wrap their minds around especially if there has been no visible indication of a problem. I am sure that your parents love you and your sister very much and as they get further down the road with this process, will involve you both. Most likely they are wanting to protect you right now and that is why you are feeling so shut out. Your family situation may change, however your family will always be your family. There are many online resources that assist teens and young adults process their feelings about this difficult family transition. I encourage you and your sister to check out some of these resources so that you do not feel so alone.

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