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What About My Wife

I found the love of my life my sophomore year in High School. We dated until we both went off to college in different parts of the country. I thought about her all the time but we never reconnected until now, thirty years later. We found each other on Facebook and it has been life changing for me. The problem is that I am married, not happily but married non the less. She has been divorced for 5 years and neither one of us has children. I feel like I have my soul mate back and I really would like to see her again. My question is, what do I do about my wife? Should I tell her now or wait until after I have seen my High School sweetheart?

I only have one answer to your question and it is this- which feels better to you? If talking with your wife and explaining the history of this relationship and your feelings for this other women feels better to you than not telling her, than this is what you should do. On the other hand if waiting until after you have made physical contact with this other women feels better to you than that is what you should choose for yourself. Only you know the answer and it is always the same question that we must ask ourselves when making a difficult decision, which feels better. If neither of these choices feel better than you are not ready to take any action at all. Take your time and create alignment around this issue which means that your thoughts and your feelings are one. Then you will find yourself able to take inspired action and it becomes a win win for all.

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