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Recurring Fantasies

I have been having these crazy recurring fantasies about walking away from my life and not looking back. I haven’t allowed myself to go any further with these thoughts because they really scare me. What could this be all about?

I would like to remind you of the definition of the word fantasy: The faculty or activity of imagining things that are impossible or improbable. This being said I would also like to encourage you to allow yourself to explore these “crazy recurring fantasies” of yours. Something is on your mind that you may want to become curious about. Your inner being is clearly tapping you on the shoulder and trying to get your attention. Our inner guidance is always looking out for us and there may be some things in these fantasies of yours that you may want to pay attention to. Our inner knowing is always guiding us toward the light and assisting us in seeing what we are ready to see. Trust yourself and allow yourself to be guided.

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