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Is There No End In Sight

I knew one year into my 18 month long relationship that things were unraveling. I finally had the good sense to pack up my things and leave, physically that is. I say this because I cannot stop myself from thinking and rethinking about every detail of the last six months of being together with this man. It is the ongoing miscommunication and abject disrespectful ways in which I felt treated by him that I am obsessing about. Is there no end in sight?

There is actually a wonderful new beginning in sight for you if you will allow yourself to shift your gaze and close the gap between you and you. Out of this 18 month long relationship I assume that an entire year or 12 months of it was for the most part good. If this is so then the real question becomes, why are you choosing to focus your attention upon the last six months when things began to unravel? I believe that the inner conflict that you are having is with yourself and not with the man that you have been in this relationship with. Let me explain. Six months ago you came to identify for yourself that things were unraveling and you say that it took you up until now to physically move out. During this period of time you must have been feeling the gap or distance between you and you. This is where the miscommunication and disrespectful feelings came from, not from this man. You turned your back away from yourself. You have physically left this relationship and you have taken your disconnected self along with you. You see, it matters not whether we stay or go; however what does matter is how we are feeling about ourselves. If you will make the choice to shift your gaze back to the beginnings of the relationship where you were connected to yourself and communicating with yourself and were feeling a sense of respect for yourself and allow yourself to hook yourself back up with your inner being then yes you will have closed the gap between you and you and the wonderful new beginning begins.

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