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Should I Stay Or Should I Go

I really do not want to be married any longer but I am afraid of splitting up our family. My own mother left my father when my sisters and I were little and I always resented her for that. I thought that my parents should have worked things out between themselves and kept us all together as a family. Now I find myself in the same predicament. I am torn between doing what I know would be best for myself and what I think will be best for our family. Should I stay or should I go?

When we are feeling torn about anything it is a clear indication to ourselves that we are not ready to take any kind of action. The most important thing that you can do for yourself and your family in this moment is to begin to create alignment which means your thoughts and your feelings lined up as one, around the choices that you have presented yourself with. It is never about the action that we take, however it is always about how we feel about the action that we are choosing to take that ultimately creates our most successful outcomes. You said that you “know” what would be best for yourself and what you “think” will be best for your family, I would like to suggest that you begin creating alignment around your knowing first and foremost. We always know what is best for ourselves even if we do not always listen to our knowing. You have already identified your knowing as such and now you can begin to create alignment around it. It is very possible that your own mother made her decision from her own knowing even if it was not a decision that you agreed with. Trust yourself throughout this process with the absolute understanding that when we create alignment around any subject we are then able to take inspired action. When we take inspired action we cannot get it wrong.

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