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Where Do I Begin

I am ready to have a life partner after so many years of going it alone. My question is where do I begin?

You have already begun through the identification of your new desire. Think not one moment about where you have been and instead begin moving directly onto envisioning, one detailed thought and feeling at a time, what your new life partner looks like, sounds like, smells like, and feels like. I invite you to spend endless hours imagining how you will feel in the company and in the arms of this person; that you have been waiting your entire life to invite into your experience. It is this process that allows us to manifest our every desire. We sift and sort through the contrast of our life experience and we gain clarity. It is from this place of clarity that we begin to launch our new desires. Through the alignment of our thoughts and our feelings as one, regarding our desires, we can then call everything and anything into our experience. When we ask it is given. There is only one question and that is, are you ready to receive what you are asking for? And I believe that you are.

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