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Cannot Compete With Pornography

I have run out of ways to hold my boyfriends attention in the bedroom. I know that this is my issue and you are probably going to say that I am being insecure but I cannot compete with all the pornographic sites that I find him perusing. How can I trump something that is not even real

Love your question and you cannot, so take a breathe and let us rethink this. The power of pornography is that it is NOT real and it is never, ever, a satisfying substitute for a real relationship between people. The only competition that you currently have is with your own self doubting thoughts about the sexual goddess that you really are. Yes, you are real and when you allow yourself to remain connected to you, your energy sexual or otherwise is what naturally keeps you in that good feeling place. This is the place where you hold the affection for yourself and the attention and affection of your boyfriend. Men go crazy for a confident connected woman. Hook yourself back up to you and step back into your most desirable self because nothing trumps the real you!

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