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Free Will

If you believe that we all have free will then what is the value of going to a fortune teller or a psychic reader?

There are many reasons that people seek spiritual guidance. I believe that we are all born with a knowing. Choosing to access this knowing is what gives each and every one of us our inner guidance. We often seek guidance, spiritual or other types of guidance when we are not trusting what we are intuitively feeling and sensing. We are looking for confirmation about something that we actually already know. We bring that knowing with us to every psychic, tarot, tea leaf and any other type of reading. It is then and there that our knowing is interpreted by those who are more open to receiving the information in that moment than you are.  I personally feel blessed to be one of those receivers as I surround myself with an endless number of spiritual teachers. We are here to gently and lovingly guide you back to yourselves and our own sense of intuitive knowing as this is where your free will resides.

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