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Hanging In The Balance

 I have a sense about my wife’s infidelities and have not known what to do about them. My fear is that if I do admit this to myself then I will have to do something about it and I am not sure that I am emotionally strong enough to do anything. I feel like my life is hanging in the balance. Can you help me find my footing?

Yes, and I can see that you have already created some clarity around parts of this piece of your life, in this moment. First of all, you clearly know yourself well which is a real strength. You have acknowledged having ‘a sense’ which means that you are allowing yourself to use your intuition. Your fear is about knowing and having to take action. This is where I would like to assist you. You can know and you can, through your knowing make a decision not to take action. This decision is what will free you from our own uncertainty. Now use everything that you do know about yourself and when and if you feel ready, allow yourself to become curious about how you may want to approach this issue for yourself, about yourself. The clearer you become about you, the easier it will be to allow yourself to be guided toward any future action you will or will not take. It is never about the action and it is always about how we feel about the action.

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