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Attracting A Bad Situation

If I attracted a bad situation into my experience and this is a reflection of where I am vibrationally then how do I get out of it?

I do not believe that there are any bad vibrations nor do I believe that there are any bad situations. What I do believe is that we come here with the purest of vibrations and along our way we experience contrast. Contrast is anything and everything that is not resonating with our inner being- inner knowing. It is only from this contrast that we can than identify preferences for ourselves from which we begin to launch our desires. Clarity is what directs us toward that which we are wanting for ourselves, our desires. I would like to direct you toward your clarity and ask you to put your full attention upon that without worrying at this time about how your vibration may have brought you to this moment. There is a time and place to identify and clean up vibrational residue. I have found that when we are choosing to focus upon where we are instead of where we would like to be, we as humans can get bogged down in the privacy of our minds, like forever. Move toward that which you now know feels like the improved version of your story, for you. This shift will facilitate you in creating and shaping your new vibration which is always a reflection of how you are feeling in your now.

Am I Activating Old Stuff

Both of my parents are emotionally cut off from themselves. When I went off to college I found the emotional connection to myself. Over time I slowly learned to trust myself in most of my relationships until now. I am in a long term relationship with a guy who says all the right things and acts the part of being all into me but I cannot feel him. No, I can physically feel him and the sex part is great but its the other thing that I cannot feel. Do you think that this is all in my head and I am activating old stuff?

Thank you for sharing your question. This is such a beautiful example of what is possible for you when you use the contrast from your family of origin to launch your own very personal desires of wanting something different for yourself.  Over time you have slowly learned to trust yourself and there is no turning back now. Believe what you are feeling or in this case not feeling, to be accurate for yourself. What is possible is that you have attracted someone into your experience that feels familiar to you from your family of origin. May I suggest that you take a moment to clean up some vibrational residue that may be lingering. You can do this easily and quickly by going back momentarily revisiting an old situation and reframe it and create a new and better feeling story around it all. The new story is one that feels good when you tell it and it is a refection of you in your now. Your new story is all about trusting yourself because who would know better for you than you? No one!


I have done the unthinkable! We were drunk and I slept with my girlfriends fiance. OMG and WTF am I going to do? What kills me is that he will be having sex with other women and he is engaged to my soon to be x girlfriend. Do I warn her knowing that our friendship will be over or do I let her find out what a dog he is on her own?

Yikes! And I would like you to ask yourself this one simple question. Which feels better, to tell her or to not tell her? It matters not what the reasons are for making your choice. Your work is to get as comfortable as you can with either telling or not telling and then create alignment around your choice, pull the trigger and move along. No drama, no self loathing, no anything other than that. Because at the end of the day this is really more about you than it is about your girlfriend and her fiance. They will go on and do whatever they are going to do and you must find a way to make this right for yourself, with yourself.

I Am A Professional Writer

I am a professional writer. I live my life through the characters that I construct for my stories. Lately it occurs to me that I am missing out on living my own life. What are your thoughts?

What an interesting question. I would like to think that the characters that you construct for your stories come from your own inner and outer sense of reality. This seems like a rich and rewarding way to step into your own life experience. If you can construct your characters as you like, then why not create a story that you would feel good to tell as well as live. Writing is a wonderful way for you to explore, manifest and express your every desire. What a beautiful opportunity you have through your profession to begin writing the story of your dreams as you step into your dreamlike real life experience and live it.

Miss Having A Partner

I am a stay at home mom with 2 small children and I am completely miserable in my marriage. I feel like a single parent because my husband wants nothing to do with me and the children. He financially provides for our family yet is not the least bit interested in interacting with us. He leaves early every morning and comes home late most evenings. On the weekends he buries himself in his computer or watches sports. He does not even bother to look up at me or the children when we are speaking to him or him to us. He makes me feel so insignificant. I did not sign up for this. I really miss having a partner. What should I do?

Well, first of all, in the most loving way I would like to tell you that no one can make you feel insignificant unless you allow them to. Second of all, often times men will understand their role as the sole provider for their family to be the most important way to be involved. It is very possible that your husband has no idea about how you are feeling about any of this. I believe that it may be time for the two of you to reconnect with each other and rekindle the feelings that originally brought you together. Perhaps getting a babysitter one night a week and making that date night for the two of you could be a wonderful opportunity for reconnecting as a couple. Allow the focus to be on one another as the bonding that you do as a couple, over time will naturally extend to your conversations about the ongoing opportunities to spend together with your children as a family. Breathe, believe and give your partner a chance to reenter the partnership that you are really missing.

Hanging In The Balance

 I have a sense about my wife’s infidelities and have not known what to do about them. My fear is that if I do admit this to myself then I will have to do something about it and I am not sure that I am emotionally strong enough to do anything. I feel like my life is hanging in the balance. Can you help me find my footing?

Yes, and I can see that you have already created some clarity around parts of this piece of your life, in this moment. First of all, you clearly know yourself well which is a real strength. You have acknowledged having ‘a sense’ which means that you are allowing yourself to use your intuition. Your fear is about knowing and having to take action. This is where I would like to assist you. You can know and you can, through your knowing make a decision not to take action. This decision is what will free you from our own uncertainty. Now use everything that you do know about yourself and when and if you feel ready, allow yourself to become curious about how you may want to approach this issue for yourself, about yourself. The clearer you become about you, the easier it will be to allow yourself to be guided toward any future action you will or will not take. It is never about the action and it is always about how we feel about the action.

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