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Why Do I Keep Attracting Mr. Wrong

Why do I keep attracting the wrong man? I let them in my life, then they throw mean and hurtful things in my face. And they use my honesty against me. My latest is harassing me with phone calls. He won’t stop even after he’s been warned by the police. Another, is with me only when its convenient for him.  Am I the one who’s disconnected or is it them? If its me how do I get connected, and start meeting the right one?

In the most loving way I would like to say and this goes for everyone, the life that you are living in this moment is a direct and most accurate reflection of your thoughts and feelings in this moment. That being said, I believe that this may be a glorious opportunity for you to address you and the relationship that you would like to have with yourself. Is it possible that this relationship with yourself is one that you have been sidestepping for a long time? The good news is that the answers to all of your concerns begin and end with the relationship that you are creating with yourself moment by moment. When you are feeling the most connected to yourself you will not just let men into your life experience, you will begin to invite men into your life experience. Set aside all that has been and all that currently is and focus exclusively on how you would like to be treated in a relationship with another and then begin treating yourself that way first and foremost. You will then and only then set the tone for every other relationship that you go on to have as you begin to attract others who clearly reflect back to you the love and light of your truly amazing, divine self.

A Brief Intimate Encounter

I had a brief and what for me was an intimate encounter with a man at my EL stop last week. We locked eyes and I felt his energy travel through my entire body, and then he stepped onto his train and was gone. I have never felt anything like this before and am wondering, what was it?

I would like to say that you attracted and were open to receiving the energy of a man who is clearly connected to himself and vibrating at a very high frequency. How lovely for you. The beauty of this ‘intimate encounter’ is the feedback that it gives you about where and how you are vibrating and it appears to be at a high frequency as well. As you step into your own awareness about your own vibrational frequency you can tap into your senses and begin to feel the people around you. Our vibrational frequency is our first point of attraction to others, and others to us. Law of attraction sorts it out every single time. So I can only assume that you will be having many more of these vibrationally high exchanges with others. Enjoy!

Lying And Cheating

My husband has been lying and cheating on me for god knows how long. How could I be so stupid to think that he could stay faithful to me with a job that takes him jet-setting around the globe? Now what?

There are many ways that you can begin to process your disheartening discovery. The question that you must ask yourself first is this. Would you like to focus upon the past, what has happened; the present, how you are feeling in this moment or your future? How you allow yourself to think about your current and most difficult situation will determine how you are going to feel throughout this process. Most often we have no control over our situation yet we always have control over how we are choosing from moment to moment to feel about our current situation.The other question that you may want to gently ask yourself is, who are you going to make this about? Is it going to be about your husband or yourself or your children if you have them?  All of your power is going to come from your ability to remain connected to yourself as you make moment to moment decisions about how you would like to feel as you navigate these choppy waters. I would like to suggest that you use this new contrast to create clarity for yourself. If you are going to loose yourself in anger, self pity or feelings of revenge, then choose them and own them instead of allowing yourself to be consumed by them. When you are ready, ask yourself the important questions and carefully listen to yourself for the answers. Trust yourself and be open to receiving the necessary information that will guide you back to your inner knowing, as this is where every answer lays, patiently awaiting your return.

A Test From The Universe

 I work a 10 to 12 hour day at a job that I love and don’t have time for anything that isn’t related to work, certainly not a relationship. I promised myself that if I got my dream job that I wouldn’t ask for anything else. I kept my word and haven’t put much thought into life outside of this job. Out of the blue I met a guy. He is a friend of one of my colleagues that stopped by our office. He asked for my phone number and we have been out twice. I really like him. I feel guilty that I have been spending some time at work thinking about him and the dates we have been on. There are many people that would die to have my job or any job today. Do you think that this could be the universe testing me to see if I would keep my promise and give my undivided attention to my work?

It does not matter what I think. What does matter is what you think based upon the beliefs that you hold. I would like to remind you that a belief is simply a thought that you have practiced over and over. The easiest way for you to figure this out for yourself is to become curious about your own belief system. Is it your own or is it one that you adopted from your family of origin? Either way the more important question to ask yourself is if your current beliefs regardless of where they came from, are working for you in your now? The beauty of this question is your ability at any given time to change your beliefs or rather your practiced thoughts which become your beliefs. I personally believe that we are the most productive in our work when we have nourished ourselves with play.

Checking Out Other Men

I am happily married yet find myself checking out other men like all of the time. What is wrong with me?

Nothing is wrong with you. Just because your on a diet it does not mean that you cannot read the dessert menu. We can be physically attracted to many people and it does not mean a thing. These other physical attractions can actually help keep your sexual juices flowing and make your romantic partnership with your husband interesting and satisfying.

Alignment Before Action

My roommate engages in all kinds of what I consider to be promiscuous sexual behavior uses drugs and frequently drinks alcohol in excess. She has no consequences not a STD a hang over or an overdose. Mystified, I asked her to justify her behavior and she said one word ‘alignment’ and then she handed me your book. Just to be clear, all I have to do is create a position of agreement between my thoughts and my feelings around a particular subject before I take action and it cannot be harmful for me?

Yes this is correct. Alignment, thoughts and feelings as one creates inspired action and inspired action always creates a successful outcome. When you are in alignment with any subject there is no justification as you are flowing into action with ease as if it is a natural extension and expression of you from your most connected place of being. The golden rule is alignment before action every single time.

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