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Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Jealousy Of Past Lovers

My current partner and I were sharing a very good level of of being together and trusting each other for about 18 months until last Aug. At that time I was using her computer and found rather explicit pictures of herself sent to her previous short term lover/possible partner of only 8 months duration. I […]

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

I really do not want to be married any longer but I am afraid of splitting up our family. My own mother left my father when my sisters and I were little and I always resented her for that. I thought that my parents should have worked things out between themselves and kept us all […]

Is There No End In Sight

I knew one year into my 18 month long relationship that things were unraveling. I finally had the good sense to pack up my things and leave, physically that is. I say this because I cannot stop myself from thinking and rethinking about every detail of the last six months of being together with this man. […]

My Unfaithful Husband

After almost 40 years of marriage I just discovered that my husband has been unfaithful. He admitted to me that he has been so at different times during our marriage but currently this is not one of them. This discovery came to my attention a few days before one of our grown children was to […]

Please Help Me

Please help me. I am in a emotionally abusive relationship and cannot find any power in knowing this. In fact I hate myself for not having the guts to leave. How is knowing and not doing anything about it having power? I would like to assist you in better understanding the power of having access […]

A Great Mystery

Why do people stay in miserable relationships for so long and sometimes forever? Great question! Some people do not even realize that they are miserable and because they have been at it for so long are unaware that there may be something better for them. Oh, they look out into the world and can sometimes […]

What Should I Do?

We are empty nesters and my husband does not talk with me. He talks at me and sometimes to me but this is mostly happening when his head is buried in the newspaper, or when he is on his computer or surfing through emails and text messages on his phone. I have suggested to him […]

Moment Of Truth

I have run out of reasons to stay in my marriage of 18 years. Our daughter leaves for college in the fall and this is the “moment of truth” for me. The funny thing is that I thought that this opportunity I have been focusing on for so long would feel different- more exciting, and […]