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What A 2 Faced Bitch

My boss calls me into her office at least once a month to tell me what a nice job that I am doing. She then goes on a 5 minute rampage about my two co-workers beginning with how they dress, speak and finally venting her feelings about their overall incompetence.You would never know that she feels this way by observing her interacting with them. The other day I overheard my boss talking negatively about me to another manager in our company. What a 2 faced bitch! Should I just confront her?

I am so sorry and no you should not confront her. However, please take this information as confirmation that you have a boss that in fact is clearly unable to be straight forward with you and your co-workers. This is only a reflection of your boss and has absolutely nothing to do with you. People who chose to talk about other people instead of talking to  them have a disconnection with the relationship that they are experiencing or rather not experiencing with themselves. Stay focused on yourself and the next time you are called into your boss’s office to hear this 5 minute rampage simply excuse yourself by explaining to her that you really need to get back to your work.

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