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Spontaneous Erections

I am a male who experiences a lot of spontaneous erections. It’s ridiculous.  My problem is that I model nude for art classes and have difficulty preventing or getting rid of my erection. The whole thinking about something else idea never works for me. I tried lots of home remedies but still get an erection anyway. It would be very helpful if you could help me out.

Your problem appears to be of a personal and professional nature and there is nothing ridiculous about that. After consulting a colleague of mine who is a urologist this is what he has suggested: ” Ejaculating immediately prior to your scheduled time of work will be very helpful for you because you will then be in your refractory period when modeling.” The other suggestion that I have for you is to focus your attention upon what you want to have happen as opposed to what has happened in your past experiences. You might soothe yourself by reminding yourself that in preparation for your work as a nude model you have taken the time to ejaculate and you are now ready to relax and focus upon the  job that is ahead of you.

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