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How Can I Control Myself

It happens especially when I am in a great relationship with the perfect women, which I am now. I get restless and wreck less. I stray from my secure relationship and am out on the prowl for hot sex. I have ruined many good relationships because of this almost uncontrollable, immature sexual urge. I just hate myself for hurting so many women. How can I control myself and not screw up this great relationship that I am in now?

You have an established quite an interesting pattern for yourself. It is the perfect recipe for feeling bad even when you are feeling good. Let me explain. You attract these great relationships into your experience which I presume feel good to you; and then you allow yourself to become distracted by the most natural thing in the world, your sexuality. Instead of acknowledging these feeling to yourself hence the uncontrollable urge, and to your partner, you act upon them which ends up feeling bad because your actions, having “hot sex” which is supposed to feel good ends up hurting the women that you are in a great relationship with. Then to top it all off, you get to hate yourself for the entire course of events. So, what I believe this is really all about is establishing a better relationship with yourself first. One that includes giving yourself permission to feel good in a secure relationship. A relationship that can grow even stronger with your conscious choice to clearly and lovingly communicate to your partner when something comes up with you; and of course one that includes lot’s and lot’s of “hot sex.’’ Now this is a recipe for feeling good!

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