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Safe Sex

I am a 56 year old recently divorced women who has been out of the dating scene for a very long time. What are your thoughts about who should have the condoms available for safe sex. Do I carry them with me or do I assume that these men that I am going to date have them in their wallets like the good old days?

Good for you that you are getting back into the dating scene after your recent divorce. Personally I would not count on any man having a condom and I would always carry one with me. If I were you I would go to my pharmacy and shop around for what looks good to you based on the size and shape and color. Some condoms are ribbed some have tips and there are even flavored condoms to make oral sex more enjoyable. There is also one female condom that is FDA approved. Using a condom for safe sex is the sexiest and safest thing that you can do for yourself and your potential partner.

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