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A Dangerously Delightful Proposition

We consider ourselves the gang of six. It is me, my two best girlfriends and their husbands. We all got married and had our children at the same time, have gone on every spring vacation together and continue to celebrate our grown children’s highs and lows, together. My girlfriends and I are all turning 50 within a month of each other and we have come up with a dangerously delightful proposal to present to our husbands. A one time separate girls and guys weekend where anything goes and we never discuss our weekend with them and they never discuss their weekend with us. Do you think that this is a dangerous idea?

I think that if you girls are 100% committed to going off and having your “anything goes” weekend and really not discussing it with your husbands as well as never, ever, asking them what occurred during their guys “anything goes” weekend, then it could truly be a most delightful proposition that has no danger whats so ever. Each of you will need to be clear and on board for this to be a success. It will be as much about trusting yourselves as it will be about trusting each other. Please do let me know what comes of this delightful celebration and a very Happy 50th Birthday to you and yours.

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