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A Test From The Universe

 I work a 10 to 12 hour day at a job that I love and don’t have time for anything that isn’t related to work, certainly not a relationship. I promised myself that if I got my dream job that I wouldn’t ask for anything else. I kept my word and haven’t put much thought into life outside of this job. Out of the blue I met a guy. He is a friend of one of my colleagues that stopped by our office. He asked for my phone number and we have been out twice. I really like him. I feel guilty that I have been spending some time at work thinking about him and the dates we have been on. There are many people that would die to have my job or any job today. Do you think that this could be the universe testing me to see if I would keep my promise and give my undivided attention to my work?

It does not matter what I think. What does matter is what you think based upon the beliefs that you hold. I would like to remind you that a belief is simply a thought that you have practiced over and over. The easiest way for you to figure this out for yourself is to become curious about your own belief system. Is it your own or is it one that you adopted from your family of origin? Either way the more important question to ask yourself is if your current beliefs regardless of where they came from, are working for you in your now? The beauty of this question is your ability at any given time to change your beliefs or rather your practiced thoughts which become your beliefs. I personally believe that we are the most productive in our work when we have nourished ourselves with play.

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