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Jealousy Of Past Lovers

My current partner and I were sharing a very good level of of being together and trusting each other for about 18 months until last Aug. At that time I was using her computer and found rather explicit pictures of herself sent to her previous short term lover/possible partner of only 8 months duration. I became uncomfortable and decided maybe I needed to leave her house (we have a long distance relationship) Her response was that she did things sexually with this man that she had never done in her life and went into further explicit detail. I then found she was still in regular Facebook communication with this guy. She says if it hadn’t been for him she might not have known herself sexually due to the previous 17 year emotionally dead relationship she had been in. She now feels like I judge her and that she can’t be herself sexually with me. She has defriended past lover on FB. I have developed a real insecurity about my sexual relationship with her. Both love each other but there seems to be a decline in the energy level between us. Any suggestions? We all have a past but it is how we present them to our present partners.

Lets begin to untangle this together. Either you feel that you trust your current partner or you do not feel that you trust her. This is the first question that I encourage you to ask and answer yourself. Whatever has happened in the past is past and can only be useful if it supports you in your now. Your feelings of insecurity about your sexual relationship with your partner is clearly coming from your ego. When you step into your ego you must become disconnected from your connected state to do so. Kindly ask your ego to stand down and hook yourself back up to you. From your re- connected state If and when you are ready, tap into the feelings of love that you have for your partner and consider how you may sexually reignite and reinvigorate your relationship with her. What a wonderful way to move forward if that is what you are choosing to do.

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