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Hypothetically Speaking

What Takes Us So Long

When I met my boyfriend I believed that he was perfect. Everything he did, everything he did not do, it seemed perfect to me. Now he has changed and all I see is how un-perfect he is. What takes us so long to really see the person for who they are? Your question is very […]

My Illustrious Social Life

I’m about to graduate from a well respected college, which has been one of the best experiences of my life socially. Right now I have a chance to stay an extra semester and stay in college–giving me the opportunity to complete my minor– or I can graduate and begin my professional life by heading straight […]

Allowing Parents

My parents were very strict and controlling with both myself and my siblings. I was the black sheep of the family. I broke free and became somewhat wild throughout my teen age years. I knew that I was going to trust my own children and let them be free to experience life. My husband and […]

Safe Sex

I am a 56 year old recently divorced women who has been out of the dating scene for a very long time. What are your thoughts about who should have the condoms available for safe sex. Do I carry them with me or do I assume that these men that I am going to date […]

Vivid Dreams

My mother had a peaceful transition six months ago. For the past week I have been having vivd dreams. In these dreams it seems as if she is trying to tell me something. I wake up in the night in a cold sweat completely freaked out. Is it possible that she is trying to tell […]

How Can I Control Myself

It happens especially when I am in a great relationship with the perfect women, which I am now. I get restless and wreck less. I stray from my secure relationship and am out on the prowl for hot sex. I have ruined many good relationships because of this almost uncontrollable, immature sexual urge. I just […]

Into The Light

From the depths of my darkness I emerged into the light. I feel happier, lighter and everything appears brighter. My problem is that my friends now think that I think that I am just to good for them all because I haven’t much to contribute these days to the negative tone of most conversations that […]

Convincing My Own Mind

My mind is very busy and seems to run away with itself. I have tried like the dickens to slow down the barrage of self sabotaging thoughts that I find myself having throughout my days and nights. The crazy thing is that I have many good things going for me in my life right now. […]

Needing Other People

Do you think that it is possible to become so happy being in our own company that we stop needing other people? I believe that when we have a connected loving relationship with our selves which stems from the ongoing internal conversation that we go on to have with our selves, we feel good. From […]

Please Help Me

Please help me. I am in a emotionally abusive relationship and cannot find any power in knowing this. In fact I hate myself for not having the guts to leave. How is knowing and not doing anything about it having power? I would like to assist you in better understanding the power of having access […]

“The Truth”

Why is it so hard for people to tell the truth? I feel like everyone is so fake. We are coached  from a very early age to tell people what they want to hear instead of what we are actually feeling and thinking. This way of communicating tends to follow us into our adult lives. […]

How Could This Be

Are you really saying that If I create alignment with anything that I do before I do it that it will turn out successfully? “Yes,” I am saying exactly that! The process of creating alignment begins with a conscious thought. The next step toward creating alignment for yourself is to line up the feeling with […]

Sexual Pleasure

When is sexual pleasure with multiple partners considered to be promiscuity The definition of the word promiscuous as well as the inference implies that of someone whom is indiscriminate, casual and somehow haphazard or irresponsible. The judgement within this adjective is completely contrary to the word and meaning of pleasure. We can certainly choose to […]

Taking Their Own Life

Why would someone who has everything, a loving family, financial stability and more friends then god take their own life? It is one of the most difficult things for the people who have been left behind to wrap their minds and hearts around. I believe that each and every one of us come into this […]

Am I Just Being Naive

My fiance is going to Las Vegas for his friends bachelor party and despite what my girlfriends say about “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” I am not at all worried. Am I being as naive as they tell me I am being ? It is funny how everyone, especially our friends often have […]

A Great Mystery

Why do people stay in miserable relationships for so long and sometimes forever? Great question! Some people do not even realize that they are miserable and because they have been at it for so long are unaware that there may be something better for them. Oh, they look out into the world and can sometimes […]

Open Marriage

What are your views on open marriage? Polyamory (from Greek πολύ [poly, meaning many or several] and Latin amor [love]) is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. If this is what you mean by an open marriage then I believe that it is quite possible to have […]

Moment Of Truth

I have run out of reasons to stay in my marriage of 18 years. Our daughter leaves for college in the fall and this is the “moment of truth” for me. The funny thing is that I thought that this opportunity I have been focusing on for so long would feel different- more exciting, and […]

All Consumed?

I am consumed with a women that does not even know that I exist. We work together in the same large office and I spend a fair amount of time finding any excuse possible to pass by her desk on the way to the break room which is also on the way to the bathroom […]

Are Men Just Hardwired To Cheat?

Why do spouses have affairs. Are men just hardwired to cheat? Men are hardwired for sex, sex and more sex. However men are not hardwired to cheat. I believe that when “spouses have affairs” it has more to do with a breakdown in communication with themselves first and then with their spouse or partner. Cheating […]

Am I Just Tripping?

I work at Starbucks as a barista and everyday the same very hot girl comes in and gives me her coffee order, but she like looks deep into my eyes and touches my soul and I feel like a strong connection to her. I don’t even know this person but is it possible that the […]


Temptation is a wickedly fun feeling.     Whether to……or not, has to be thought out, or does it. – Super Sexy Singing Diva from MA I love this question! I have always thought of temptation as the perfect combination of wicked curiosity and strong desire. If we can get on board with these two intense and […]