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My New Sexual Identity

I am recently divorced, with primary custody of our teenagers, and I do not know how to let my former spouse and teens know that I identify myself as bisexual.  This is new for me as well as for them.  Please advise.  Thank you! I would like to suggest to you that before you discuss […]

Sex And The Brain

What is that feeling after being with a lover and having a luscious time with them?   It almost feels like being “in love”. I feel like I’m floating and happy and easy breezy.  It feels great. If I don’t see my lover again for awhile, does that feeling have to leave – how can I […]

Do We All Have A Shot?

I am a successful nice looking 41 year old single man. I go out with a lot of beautiful interesting women but do not feel compelled to start a lasting relationship with any of them. Part of me thinks that I should be more practical because I want to get  married and have a family […]

Making Sex Just Sex

After I sleep with a man I feel emotionally bonded to them, even if we are not in a relationship, why does this happen and is there any way for me to make sex just sex? I would like to offer this definition of sex: Sex is the expressing and receiving of physical and emotional […]

What Kind Of Expert Are You?

I have watched many episodes of the Living Consciously cable t.v. show that you are in and you always open the show by saying that “living consciously is a lovely option.” How are we going to make a real difference in this world if we do not live a conscious life. Are you not an […]

Is He Having An Affair

I just found out that my husband of almost 7 years has been having an online long distance relationship with another married women. He promises me that they have never seen each other in person which I actually believe because my husband works from home and does not travel. My question is this? Does his […]

Eternal Damnation!?

Do you believe that all of the bad people in our lives go to hell? Wow! Well first of all I actually do not believe that there are any bad people. What I do believe is that some people experience times of serious disconnection with themselves which completely throws them out of alignment. This means […]


I consider myself to be a “straight” individual however So I assume by your question that you have either engaged in sexual fantasies about a same sex partner and or your sexual  attraction and curiosity has led you to having a physical experience with a same sex partner. I believe that this is a very […]

Knee jerking

What is the best way to stop inner doubt and old knee jerk reactions to outside occurrences? I notice that I will often respond to “unpleasant” news, situations, interactions, etc. with anger or victim-like consciousness. Later after I cool off or clear my head I can see it in a better light, but my initial […]

Sex With Myself

I love sex.  I love having orgasms.    I enjoy sex with myself, sometimes more than with a guy I may be dating.   And I love bringing myself to orgasm when I’m with a guy – so they can watch.     These are all normal, right? -Sexy Singing Diva You my dear are a sexual goddess!!! It […]

“The Truth” Is Not Necessarily Your Truth

My father is a devout (many would say obsessed) Christian, and has disowned and excommunicated me because I do not share his spiritual perspective.  He is sick and dying, and I wonder if it is OK to lie to him about my belief in the Judeo-Christian God, just so that we can have a relationship […]

Vibrational States

Can we really vibrate in and out of peoples lives? – Anonymous, Palo Alto CA We are a ginormous embodiment of electromagnetic energy. Our physical bodies are interconnected with our consciousness, our thoughts, our beliefs, and our emotional beingness to create a body of energy which is like a magnet. Your personal energy field resonates a […]

A United Front for the Kids?

My husband and I have very different ways of thinking about everything including how to parent our 9 and 11 year old children. We have long ago given up on creating a united front for them and have simply allowed our children to come to each of us individually based upon their needs to get […]

Giving Head

I love giving head.   With some men, it takes a very long time for them to cum, if at all.   Do you feel that, I, as a partner, should make it my job for them to cum, or just keep at it until it doesn’t feel fun anymore?    I’d prefer to switch it up, just […]

The Sake of Fucking

I like to fuck for the sake of fucking.   It’s fun and free-ing.   If I am really wanting a long-term partnership, will my playing with my playmates slow down my attracting my ideal mate.    While I’m in the midst of playtime, I am focused on that.   When I am not, I occasionally ponder this question. […]


Temptation is a wickedly fun feeling.     Whether to……or not, has to be thought out, or does it. – Super Sexy Singing Diva from MA I love this question! I have always thought of temptation as the perfect combination of wicked curiosity and strong desire. If we can get on board with these two intense and […]

Revenge Fantasies

What are your thoughts on revenge? – Anonymous Revenge is a most interesting and very intense feeling that is often experienced in the form of a fantasy where we imagine, sometimes quite vividly, the targeted person or persons with the clear intent of doing harm to them as we firmly believe that they have intentionally […]

Ego Please Stand Down

I read your facebook posts everyday. I want to have a better understanding of what you mean by asking the ego to stand down? – Anonymous When we can consciously create a clear connection with ourselves we feel secure. We feel certain about who we are and what we want for ourselves. We begin to […]