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I Am Stuck

We are two young professional girls living in a big apartment in the city and only one of us is having a good time. My roommate is out every night with different friends and on the weekends always manages to hook up with some great guy. Then there is me. I am home everyday after work and can only manage to get to the gym and back. I am trapped in my head with my thoughts and feelings about myself all of which are kind of uncertain. Every time I get invited out somewhere I make up some great excuse why I cannot go. I end up sitting at home obsessing about if I should have accepted the invitation and gone. Nobody would ever know that this is who and how I am because I have gotten so good at hiding out. From any outsiders point of view I have a charmed life, a good job a big apartment and a fabulous roommate. I am stuck!

Stuck is but a moment in time and, what you are describing here is not who you are but rather how and where you are choosing to be in this moment. The question that I would like to see you ask yourself is, what would you like your life to look and feel like to you for you? This is a question that we often avoid asking ourselves as we sometimes get swept up in the momentum of life and can easily lose sight of the moment. Consciously or unconsciously you have brilliantly attracted your “charmed life” into your experience. The beauty of this is that you can also consciously create whatever else you so desire for yourself and this very much includes having a good time. How many nights a week would you like to be out with friends and where; and what does that look and feel like? What would your ideal weekend feel and look like to you and would it include “hooking up” with some great guy? These specific questions will help you begin to create a clearer picture for you about you. This new clarity will assist you in getting out of your head and slowly, one new thought at a time, begin stepping into your expanded life experience. Trust yourself that once you begin asking yourself these and other questions, the answers will come easily to you about you for you.

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