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Sex and More Sex

Am I Turning Gay

I am a junior in college and for as long as I can remember I have only been interested in guys. I was involved in 2 long term relationships that both ended in friendships. The thing is that lately I have find myself feeling physically attracted to girls. I have friends that are lesbians and […]

Open Marriage

What are your views on open marriage? Polyamory (from Greek πολύ [poly, meaning many or several] and Latin amor [love]) is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. If this is what you mean by an open marriage then I believe that it is quite possible to have […]

Spicing Up My Sex Life?

What are some fun ways to spice things up in my sex life? It all begins in our minds. When we are able to put our other thoughts and worries away and allow ourselves to engage in the pleasure of thinking about sex, talking about sex, fantasying about sex we can then begin to reconnect […]

New Year’s Eve?

I am a 25 year old professional in the financial world. I work hard and party even harder. I go out most weekends with girlfriends to clubs and bars and just let loose, literally. It is not unusual for me to wake up in a mans bed who I met that evening. My M. O. […]

As Her Father And A Christian?

I just found out that my teenage daughter has been engaging in prostitution to support herself and her two year-old child. As her father (and a christian), I am mortified by the thought of my little girl selling her body and her soul. I am naturally very concerned about the effects this will have on […]

Are Men Just Hardwired To Cheat?

Why do spouses have affairs. Are men just hardwired to cheat? Men are hardwired for sex, sex and more sex. However men are not hardwired to cheat. I believe that when “spouses have affairs” it has more to do with a breakdown in communication with themselves first and then with their spouse or partner. Cheating […]

My New Sexual Identity

I am recently divorced, with primary custody of our teenagers, and I do not know how to let my former spouse and teens know that I identify myself as bisexual.  This is new for me as well as for them.  Please advise.  Thank you! I would like to suggest to you that before you discuss […]

Sex And The Brain

What is that feeling after being with a lover and having a luscious time with them?   It almost feels like being “in love”. I feel like I’m floating and happy and easy breezy.  It feels great. If I don’t see my lover again for awhile, does that feeling have to leave – how can I […]

Making Sex Just Sex

After I sleep with a man I feel emotionally bonded to them, even if we are not in a relationship, why does this happen and is there any way for me to make sex just sex? I would like to offer this definition of sex: Sex is the expressing and receiving of physical and emotional […]


I consider myself to be a “straight” individual however So I assume by your question that you have either engaged in sexual fantasies about a same sex partner and or your sexual  attraction and curiosity has led you to having a physical experience with a same sex partner. I believe that this is a very […]

Sex With Myself

I love sex.  I love having orgasms.    I enjoy sex with myself, sometimes more than with a guy I may be dating.   And I love bringing myself to orgasm when I’m with a guy – so they can watch.     These are all normal, right? -Sexy Singing Diva You my dear are a sexual goddess!!! It […]

Giving Head

I love giving head.   With some men, it takes a very long time for them to cum, if at all.   Do you feel that, I, as a partner, should make it my job for them to cum, or just keep at it until it doesn’t feel fun anymore?    I’d prefer to switch it up, just […]

The Sake of Fucking

I like to fuck for the sake of fucking.   It’s fun and free-ing.   If I am really wanting a long-term partnership, will my playing with my playmates slow down my attracting my ideal mate.    While I’m in the midst of playtime, I am focused on that.   When I am not, I occasionally ponder this question. […]

Role-playing – am I enough for her?

Sex with my wife of 3 years has always been and continues to be hot and exciting. She keeps it fresh and interesting and is really into role playing. Sometimes I worry that the reason she is always changing it up in the bedroom is because I am not enough for her. – Anonymous You […]

Is Cybersex Cheating?

I like cybersex; am I cheating on my girlfriend? – Anonymous Having a virtual experience cannot take the place of the real thing. In many ways it can actually enhance the sexual experience that you are having with your girlfriend. The more important question is, how do you feel about having cybersex? If it feels […]