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Spiritually Speaking

Vivid Dreams

My mother had a peaceful transition six months ago. For the past week I have been having vivd dreams. In these dreams it seems as if she is trying to tell me something. I wake up in the night in a cold sweat completely freaked out. Is it possible that she is trying to tell […]

Into The Light

From the depths of my darkness I emerged into the light. I feel happier, lighter and everything appears brighter. My problem is that my friends now think that I think that I am just to good for them all because I haven’t much to contribute these days to the negative tone of most conversations that […]

Needing Other People

Do you think that it is possible to become so happy being in our own company that we stop needing other people? I believe that when we have a connected loving relationship with our selves which stems from the ongoing internal conversation that we go on to have with our selves, we feel good. From […]

Please Help Me

Please help me. I am in a emotionally abusive relationship and cannot find any power in knowing this. In fact I hate myself for not having the guts to leave. How is knowing and not doing anything about it having power? I would like to assist you in better understanding the power of having access […]


I have been going to therapy for almost one year and am feeling as if it is time for me to take a break. My problem is that I am concerned about how my therapist will take this revelation of mine. I would like to think that it is partially because of your therapy that […]

“The Truth”

Why is it so hard for people to tell the truth? I feel like everyone is so fake. We are coached  from a very early age to tell people what they want to hear instead of what we are actually feeling and thinking. This way of communicating tends to follow us into our adult lives. […]

People Pleaser

I am and have always been a “people pleaser.” I hear my own inner voice but I do not listen to it often. I am afraid that if I am true to myself that I will end up all alone. How can I become true to myself without setting other peoples needs aside. This is an interesting […]

Not Feeling Confident & Sexy

I have been 60 lbs over weight for most of my adult life. Last year on my 37th birthday at the strong suggestion of my MD I began a diet and exercise program and have lost almost all of the weight. My friends and family told me that I was going to have more confidence […]

Taking Their Own Life

Why would someone who has everything, a loving family, financial stability and more friends then god take their own life? It is one of the most difficult things for the people who have been left behind to wrap their minds and hearts around. I believe that each and every one of us come into this […]

How To Bring Her Comfort

A dear friend of mine has cancer.  She will have surgery soon. What can I say to her that will bring her comfort? I have such a strong feeling that she will be okay. This can be tricky. Sometimes the people in our lives that we care so much about and are experiencing disease and […]

Am I Going Crazy?

My wife, the love of my life died 2 years ago in a car accident. We worked together, played together and her breath was my breath. I cannot mourn for her because I can still feel her, smell her, hear her. My friends and family are very concerned about me and think that I am […]

Trusted Employee And Friend

I have a longstanding, trusted employee of nearly two decades who gave their termination notice, less than a few days before leave.  My employee is a friend, as well.  Maybe I should say, was.  Our families get together for small and large celebrations.  We do fun things together.  Over what I guess is a long […]

New Year’s Eve?

I am a 25 year old professional in the financial world. I work hard and party even harder. I go out most weekends with girlfriends to clubs and bars and just let loose, literally. It is not unusual for me to wake up in a mans bed who I met that evening. My M. O. […]

As Her Father And A Christian?

I just found out that my teenage daughter has been engaging in prostitution to support herself and her two year-old child. As her father (and a christian), I am mortified by the thought of my little girl selling her body and her soul. I am naturally very concerned about the effects this will have on […]

Being In Our Joy

Yesterday I reached out and with all my heart, I asked the Universe to let me hear from a friend that I hadn’t heard from.  I literally put my head in my hands, my head down at my desk at work, and closed my eyes and felt so deeply how great it would be to […]

The Marriage Is Over

How do I stop blaming myself for the end of my marriage Lets do the math. I would give myself one minute for everyday that I was in my marriage to blame myself, hate myself, berate myself. So if you have been married 20 years that comes out to about 7,300 minutes or 121.66 hours. […]

Stuck In Self Sabotage

I have identified my patterns of self sabotage and that is as far as I ever get. I am stuck ! Where is that “small opening of light” that you refer to? I believe that identifying any pattern of thought/behavior about oneself is always a good thing, and I also believe that it can become […]

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you think you are, some kind of fucking guru or what? I love this question! I know exactly who I am and believe that I always have. Actually I believe that we all know quite well who we are. We have simply practiced ourselves away from our inner-knowing. I have, quite consciously chosen, […]

“The Truth” Is Not Necessarily Your Truth

My father is a devout (many would say obsessed) Christian, and has disowned and excommunicated me because I do not share his spiritual perspective.  He is sick and dying, and I wonder if it is OK to lie to him about my belief in the Judeo-Christian God, just so that we can have a relationship […]