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As Her Father And A Christian?

I just found out that my teenage daughter has been engaging in prostitution to support herself and her two year-old child. As her father (and a christian), I am mortified by the thought of my little girl selling her body and her soul. I am naturally very concerned about the effects this will have on […]

What Should I Say To Her?

My spouse of 7 years surprised me when, after I got sick, she took care of our kids and me for the week.  I mean totally.  For the life of me I never imagined this could happen.  She does a wonderful job managing our kids, and she has repeatedly said our 2 are all she […]

Being In Our Joy

Yesterday I reached out and with all my heart, I asked the Universe to let me hear from a friend that I hadn’t heard from.  I literally put my head in my hands, my head down at my desk at work, and closed my eyes and felt so deeply how great it would be to […]

Why Do I Do This?

Why do I find myself doing the same things to others that were done to me by my father that I swore to myself I would never do? What we know is not who we are. Our experiences with and from our family of origin often becomes what we know and most often has little […]

The Marriage Is Over

How do I stop blaming myself for the end of my marriage Lets do the math. I would give myself one minute for everyday that I was in my marriage to blame myself, hate myself, berate myself. So if you have been married 20 years that comes out to about 7,300 minutes or 121.66 hours. […]

Estranged From My Grown Children

My grown kids haven’t spoken to me in 2 years, as the holidays approach I get very sad they are not in my life. How am I going to get through the next 2 weeks? Any suggestions? I can imagine how difficult this is for you. Please understand that It can only be their own disconnection from […]

Stuck In Self Sabotage

I have identified my patterns of self sabotage and that is as far as I ever get. I am stuck ! Where is that “small opening of light” that you refer to? I believe that identifying any pattern of thought/behavior about oneself is always a good thing, and I also believe that it can become […]

I Cheated On My Wife

I cheated on my wife and I cannot forgive myself even though she has forgiven me. Can you help me? Forgiveness is one of the keys to your own happiness. When you are able to forgive yourself you are then able to forgive others. Forgiveness is a release. When you can release your feelings of […]

Are Men Just Hardwired To Cheat?

Why do spouses have affairs. Are men just hardwired to cheat? Men are hardwired for sex, sex and more sex. However men are not hardwired to cheat. I believe that when “spouses have affairs” it has more to do with a breakdown in communication with themselves first and then with their spouse or partner. Cheating […]

How Can I Tell My Kids Without Worrying Them?

I wish to let my kids know that I missed my payment arrangements for Medicare at the bank.  I was ill on the day I was supposed to go there.  Medicare is my only insurance.  It has been six months now.  I no longer have it.  I pay for my pills and appointments with cash. […]

How Can I Parent Her?

My daughter can be so happy & open one minute and disrespectful with a bad tone in her voice the next. Usually she will turn nice if she wants something. Then when I try to help her organize herself so she can study better for tests or projects she turns nasty. It seems that past experiences […]

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you think you are, some kind of fucking guru or what? I love this question! I know exactly who I am and believe that I always have. Actually I believe that we all know quite well who we are. We have simply practiced ourselves away from our inner-knowing. I have, quite consciously chosen, […]

Just Not Happy

I want to be happy for others, but I am not. What does that say about me? Am I just a horrible friend? No, I mean yes. Let me explain. You are not a “horrible friend” to others and yes in this moment your unhappiness for others quite clearly indicates that you have become a […]

Am I Just Tripping?

I work at Starbucks as a barista and everyday the same very hot girl comes in and gives me her coffee order, but she like looks deep into my eyes and touches my soul and I feel like a strong connection to her. I don’t even know this person but is it possible that the […]

I AM 18

I am 18.  I am a pretty happy person and I live in a pretty unhappy home.  I do not know what to do.  My parents will not allow me to move out until I turn 21, they just told me.  When I ask other people what to do until then, I always get “go […]

Have You Written The Book Yet?

In one of your radio show interviews you mentioned a book that you were writing having something to do with the deals that we make and break with ourselves. Have you written that book and where can I get a copy. I have set it aside for the time being but this is the premise: […]

Home For The Holidays WTF

The holidays are a really weird time for me. I have a lot of fun with my family but sometimes the dis-function is way to overwhelming. Most recently, during thanksgiving, I kept asking myself “who the fuck are these people?” How can I maintain a connection with my family (who I often feel totally at […]

I Am Stuck

What is wrong with me? I have been in a dead end relationship now for 11, yes thats 11 years. I promise and promise myself that I will end things with my partner and I am still here. Now it is the holidays again and my newest excuse which is actually 11 years old, is […]